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1. Firm maintenance of trust-based relationship with our customers, as well as developing such relationship.

Cooperation with customers will make it possible to develop new items which benefit to both parties, to exchange information, to extend and expand the markets. Also it will develop the trust-based partnership with customers.

2. Development of original items with stable supply assurance.

(1) Strengthen the supply channels and capability by developing new buyers.
(2) Developing new items which keep up with market's trend and needs.
(3) Developing and supplying items from various countries.
To develop trust-based relationship with customers, we have structured a business system that enables us to give our customers the assurance of stable supply and the development of original items with a plan for expansion to the existing marked.

3. Expansion of domestic market channels.

Firm maintenance of trust-based relationship with existing customers, as well as starting new business with manufacturers in beverage markets; this enable us to increase number of items, as well as to build a system that is capable to supply demands at all time . Development and supply of various kinds of imported items that can meet with requirement of domestic market.

4. Firm maintenance of position as one of the top suppliers of overseas souvenirs.

Aiming at obtaining absolute trust from our customers, we are not only satisfied with our current position as one of the top suppliers of overseas souvenirs, but also we are targeting NO.1 in this field, and maintain that position.

5. Efficient company management which enable us to run the business with selected few.

Aiming at efficient management by structuring the best business system and by having excellent manpower.